Spring 2011 Upcoming Chart

So I thought this time around I would turn my Spring 2011 Upcoming Series review into a chart form, more of a precursor to being able to make better graphics for here and tldrsaimoe, and I have to say it came out fairly well, though I’m sure I’ll find things to want to add to it. Ten series are on the docket for this spring, along with GOSICK which at least according to MAL is going for 24 episodes, and will carry into the next season, along with several OVA/Specials. Without further ado:

Spring 2011 Upcoming Series Preview

I will have a weekly post up tomorrow, as I was busy tending to my leaking roof (goddamn fucking snow and apartment complex) and watching Criminal Minds to write, but in case you don’t follow my totally awesome twitter, here is the Weekly Top 8 WatchRanking:

Top 8 WatchRanking Week 5

Feel free to donate a bucket or punch my superintendent in the face. It’s not like it’s hard to get on a ladder and clean out some gutters. I’d do it myself but I am not paying for a ladder when they can’t even keep our roads moderately clean of ice and snow.


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