Saimoe 2010 Final Review

Saimoe 2010 Champion - Azusa Nakano - KON!

To be honest, I had no idea what was going to go down in this match. Both factions were out for blood come hell or high water, and if you were tracking the graph all day, you’d have thought that there was some serious bumper car action going on. But when the votes were tallied and the dust settled, it turns out that all along, Azusa held the upper hand throughout the entire day, crushing Nagi’s hopes of achieving the RIEPEAT that many (holic) thought might happen. (holic)

They see me rollan, fakan, trying to catch me likan Nagi

Going into next year, some series will drop out of contention and some will stay on. We still have three seasons of anime including this one before the next tournament in 2011, so many more new and exciting characters will come on board for a factional fight to the proverbial death. Index II ensures that Misaka, and Index and friends will return to the spotlight once more, as well as Azusa and K-ON! will return to defend her title. New additions this season may prove promising for the foreign votes, such as Ika Musume (Shinryaku! Ika Musume) and MM!, Panty and Stocking, Ore no Imouto, and more.

My thanks to the Anon who runs for most of the data, graphs, and getting me into this shit years ago. Also thanks to Frustra of Saimoe Update for the linkage and Twitter correspondence , Micchi of Hau~ Omochikaeri~! also for linkage, and 4chan /a/ for always staying classy with senseless debates about lolis after a job well done.

For next year, I plan to run a WP blog entitled TL;DR Saimoe, which will primarily feature news, views, graphics, predictions, and some sort of other fun shit for Saimoe 2011, in connection with other fine awesome people tracking the tournament. Until then, stick around here for upcoming anime, currently watching comments and criticisms, and anything else I care to post.

Athena, out!

One thought on “Saimoe 2010 Final Review

  1. thanks a lot too, man.

    always had a fun time reading your saimoe posts.

    also lol, /a/, and lolholic

    looking forward to your “TL;DR saimoe”

    also Ika Musume gonna Ika next year. calling it now.

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