SM2010: Final Round

The final match is here, and we’re going to party like it is two thousand and nine all over again.

Representing Hayate the Combat Butler: Nagi Sanzenin

Nagi Sanzenin – Hayate the Combat Butler
Debut – Saimoe 2007
Previous Best – Runner Up (2007)
(Round 1) Chizuru Yukimura, Mana Kuzumi, Nazuna Takanashi
(Round 2) Minami Shimada, Ikaros
(Group Finals) Nadeko Sengoku, Yuno
(Quarterfinal) Mafuyu Shiina
(Semifinal) Koromo Amae

When Nagi debuted in 2007, her fresh face and Rie-voiced tsundere spirit went straight to the top, losing only to Rika Furude in the end. For the next two tournaments she would remain popular, but not enough to get into the finals, trading the space with Hinagiku in 2008, and Isumi in 2009.

This year, in what may be her final year if Hayate does not renew for another season this year, fans wasted no time putting her back on top once more, and as a Rie character, she is positioned to re-live the classic 2009 fight between Rie-voiced Taiga Aisaka and K-ON!’s Yui Hirasawa.

Will she be able to overcome Azusa “Azu-nyan” Nakano and her powerful movement on the heels of K-ON!’s second season, or will she prevail and take the crown she has been fighting for in her fourth and maybe final year of combat?

Strengths: Tsundere, VA: Kugimiya Rie, Manga/Video Game Obsessed, Twintails
Weaknesses: Dated series (2007), tsundere (works both ways, chief), Hinagiku fans
Vote her if you: are tripfag “holic”, like lolis that would rather kill you than sleep with you, hate K-ON! fans, are pissed that Saki got eliminated from the series.
Do not vote her if you: hate tripfag “holic”, like better crying lolis, would have rather seen Hikagiku BE HER YEAR, still think Saten should have faced Azusa

Representing K-ON!: Azusa Nakano

Azusa Nakano – K-ON!
Debut – Saimoe 2009
Previous Best – Round 3 (2009)

(Round 1) Kozue Takanashi, Shannon, Rin Itoshiki
(Round 2) Poplar Taneshima, Eruru
(Group Finals) Mikoto Misaka, Mio Akiyama
(Quarterfinal) Aoi Yamada
(Semifinal) Nodoka Haramura

In the first season of K-ON! and her debut year of Saimoe in 2009, Azusa was still somewhat unknown. She broke out midway in the series and was cute and cat-like, but for 2009, which was dominated by Saki in early rounds, Azusa fell to Aisaka Taiga who would go on to win the tournament. This year, not only is she back and stronger than ever thanks to her more prominent star role in the second season, but she is squaring off against Rie-voiced Nagi Sanzenin in “Rie vs. K-ON! Redux” and for Azusa, it’s like a rematch against Taiga by proxy.

But Nagi will not be a pushover for our intrepid bass-wielding girl, as the powerful Hayate faction will be backing every vote and then some. Nagi is hungry for a take-all win since 3 years ago and won’t give up easily.

Will Azusa fans and K-ON! fans looking to win this year help boost her up, or will the Power of Rie win once more, and send K-ON! home packing for a second year?

Strengths: VA: Ayana Taketatsu, Bass guitar player, Twintails, cat-girl cosplay, cute as hell
Weaknesses: Where we’re going, we don’t need weaknesses
Vote her if you: think YES WE NYAN is way better than Obama’s catchphrase, want to see K-ON! win this year, are most of /a/, cried manly tears when she cried in end of season two, hate Nagi, plan on voting for Ika Musume next year
Do not vote her if you: are still butthurt Yui got assasinated, are a Mio fan, are most of /a/, are glad to see K-ON! off the air, still think THIS IS HINAGIKU’S YEAR

This is one hell of a fight and will be fun as hell to see who wins it in the end. Hayatefags have been trying to set this up for several years now, though they probably would have rather had Maria or Hina, but Nagi has always had a pretty solid base behind her and it has paid off this year in triple. Now that we’re down to two left, you’d think it’s one faction against the other, but this is where the samefags will come out to support their favorites, or troll the other.

As for me, I am personally and professionally (prediction) backing Azusa Nakano for the win. If she has made it this far, she probably cannot be stopped. Yui’s blunder last year was that as popular as she was, she could not clip Taiga, who had the early air advantage and gained quite a base behind her, especially on /a/. K-ON! fans were also pretty split on who was their favorite last year as well. Nagi has the established franchise advantage, but until this year had weakened considerably. Since K-ON! Season 2 finished airing recently as well as feature Azusa through most of the series with delicious tears at the end, fans have seemed to focus more on getting her to the top, having eliminated all of the other girls early on except Mio.

It’s going to be a very close battle, and I am interested to see who comes out on top.

Finally, the final match poster of the year:

Final Round Match Poster

See you guys on Saturday morning for the final results. Remember to vote your favorite and fling insults to each other on /a/. If Azusa wins, spam /a/ liberally.



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