SM2010: Two Bass and a Hunter

The end of Round Two, and groups G and H are shaping up to be pretty interesting to watch in Round Three. Ze details…

Group G and H – 9/24: “Tokiwadai’s Railgun” Misaka Mikoto (Toaru Kagaku no Railgun) continues to plow forward in a very close-quarters match against Hidamari Sketch‘s Miyako to win by a shy 2 votes, the second-closest vote total since Hisa v. Uiharu in Round One. To make it double, Ruiko Saten (Toaru Kagaku no Railgun) dumps K-ON!‘s badass wannabe, Tsumugi Kotobuki by a narrow margin with Shouko Kirishima (Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu) coming in a distant third.

Group G and H – 9/25: Putting K-ON! back on the map is none other than favorite Azusa Nakano, wiping out Saki‘s Momoko Touyoko and Poplar Taneshima (Working!). I do like Azusa, but I was kinda hoping Poplar would win, even only to be beaten by Mikoto or Mio in the third round. South side, cookie-cutter-tsundere Fumino Serizawa (Mayoi Neko Overrun!) keeps the series alive by taking a win over Shugo Chara!‘s “Joker” Amu Hinamori and longtime contestant Ai Haibara (Detective Conan)

Group G and H – 9/25: In the final match of the round, Mio Akiyama (K-ON!) takes a win over Kobato Hanato (Kobato) and Alisa Bannings (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha) while north side, Fate Testarossa continues laying down the law removing Mikan Yuuki (To Love Ru) and Natsume (Hidamari Sketch) to end Round Two.

Some stats courtesy of

Round 2 by vote totals

1st 911 Nadeko Sengoku @ Ghostory
2nd 727 Yui Hirasawa @ K-On!
3rd 769 Maria @ Hayate The Combat Butler
4th 746 Hisa Takei @ Saki
5th 662 Mikoto Misaka @ A Certain Scientific Railgun
6th 660 Miyako @ Hidamari Sketch
7th 657 Ruiko Saten @ A Certain Scientific Railgun
8th 653 Azusa Nakano @ K-On!
9th 652 Kanade Tachibana @ Angel Beats!
10th 648 Tsumugi Kotobuki @ K-On!

63rd 123 Minami Shimada @ Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu
64th 122 Ryou Fujibayashi @ Clannad
64th 122 Natsume @ Hidamari Sketch
66th 100 Shouko Kirishima @ Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu
67th 96 Nymph @ Sora No Otoshimono
68th 86 Mihoshi Akeno @ Sora No Manimani
69th 82 Shizuku @ Omamori Himari
70th 79 Lisa @ The Sacred Blacksmith
71st 77 Hazuki Shimada @ Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu
72nd 39 Mii Konori @ A Certain Scientific Railgun

Nadeko’s win over Yui was probably one of the biggest upsets in the tournament so far when you consider the star power of Yui and K-ON! in general, though in the end, only Mio and Azusa made it into the next round, but even last year that picture was about the same. Maria continues to show strong for Hayate when only her, Isumi, and Nagi advanced to the next round minus Hina this year. The ones to look out for in Round Three will definitely be Saten given her previous rounds performance, as well as Kanade. Don’t forget Nanoha and Fate, if they manage to make it into Round Four, they will be serious contenders indeed.

Round 3 by series prevalence

1st 3 A Certain Scientific Railgun
1st 3 Hayate The Combat Butler
1st 3 Saki
4th 2 Angel Beats!
4th 2 Ghostory
4th 2 K-On!
4th 2 Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
4th 2 Seitokai No Ichizon
9th 1 Hanamaru Kindergarten
9th 1 Hidamari Sketch
9th 1 Mayoi Neko Overrun!
9th 1 Shakugan No Shana
9th 1 Working!

Of series that aired this past year, I’m pleased Working! and Mayoi Neko Overrun! made it this far against some well established favorites like Hidamari Sketch, K-ON! and Saki. The surprise was Seitokai no Ichizon, honestly, I didn’t find much stock in that series when I watched it. Many of the characters were bland and interestingly enough, Seitokai Yakiundomo seemed to fix this, which I can’t wait for next year to vote up Hata. Still, the two most likely to make it this far did, and I can’t help but wonder if they really are that popular in Japan, or are being used as a buffer in strategic voting. Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

So Round Three starts tomorrow for us US folks with Group A, Yuno v. Nadeko v. Nagi. If Nadeko can snipe Yui, I am hoping she can snipe Nagi, however I placed my prediction on Nagi beforehand so in the interest of fair play, I shall predict the former and root for the latter. Group B is the next day with Shana v. Nanoha v. Isumi. My life for Auir Nanoha, despite my like for Shana, but Isumi will not go down easily.

Be sure to check out my site covering the tournament for daily updates and graphics. I have two formats for Round Three, the wide poster which will appear on the site, and the TMNT-style poster which will appear on the sidebar here and also on /a/ in the daily threads that the anon from posts (protip: I am PredictionFag(##-##) !tDnuG4Mc12). For Round Four and Five, I will likely be using the two-man version of the wide poster that I had made before I realized the group finals were three-man. Rounds Six and Seven at the moment are using my template from last year, however that may change if I decide to try something different. I also want to do up a really good final poster expanding on last year’s design which I threw together to troll Yuifags on /a/. More details on that as they emerge. I’m not much of a professional graphic design artist, I don’t even use Photoshop (Paint Shop Pro 9) but I figure one of these years I’ll have a design I like. I think it comes down to the font in the end.

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