Saimoe 2010

So the preliminaries are over and the draw for the final bracket layout is today, the tournament starts on August 3rd on 2ch. As soon as the final draw is out, I can start building my shit based on who I am going for this year, likely tonight, or whenever the good anon that runs puts up the chart. I’m experimenting with a crude HTML-based chart this year for tracking the favorites, and then switching to a graphic-based chart for the finals, but we’ll see when we get there.

As for the blog updates, as to not spam your shit on a daily basis, for the main rounds, I will be doing week recaps on Saturday of what happened during the week, and once the finals come around, will go to two updates a week, probably Wednesday and Saturday.

Gonna put this out right now, I have everything down on Nanoha, but it’s gonna be a tough call this year with other fan-favorites like K-ON!! Somehow, Saki and Hayate the Combat Butler are also in this year, so expect another Saki-rush this year much like last.

Edit: has half of it up, including the bracket layout for the tournament. I have already finished an XLS of what I am pulling out of this year. Compared to last, the pickings are slightly thin, but a lot of heavy-hitters and many honorable mentions. I’ll be putting together the graphical HTML tonight, and assuming Google Docs will host it, I will be adding that up there tonight.

In case the link dies at any point (which I will be sure to change in the doc itself) refer to this permanent link

Go Team Nanoha… which is sadly only Nanoha, Fate, Alissa, and Suzuka.

Second Edit: ASorg chart is now live. Many thanks to the anon(s) who run that site for data needs!

Third Edit: HTML-based chart for my list can now be found here. Let me know if anything looks weird or you cannot see it, still new to Google Sites somewhat.


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