Stuck in Fansubbing Hell

So still no word on Yumeiro Patissiere being subbed by anyone, and I’m not terribly surprised, my guess is no fansubber wants to sub a series that makes them look like a fairy pink princess wearing light blue with ducks on it. I only say this of course because Yumeiro Patissiere is about a girl making pastries, and no red-blooded American would want to watch that!

Except weeaboofags are weeaboo and it really doesn’t matter. I’m kinda curious to see what this series is about, and I don’t need to question my manliness to do it. If I wanted to watch MANLY COURAGE I’d rewatch GGG.

Also, in case you don’t cross lines, I’ve been tracking this year’s SaiMoe tournament over on my Livejournal. Next year it’ll probably be on here, but since the tournament is almost over, gonna finish it out on LJ. See for all the posts, including custom posters made by me, and the usual match posters by the anon who runs

Also, Minami-ke is some seriously funny stuff, and yes, inb4slowpoke.

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